Modern Meets Medieval

Based on some conversations, we thought that maybe in addition to sharing information about our SCA lives, we should also share some of our modern lives:

Ivan grew up in rural northeastern Ohio and has lived in the same two counties where most of his family, including two adult children, still live. He spent time in the army before being medically discharged when he broke his back. Since leaving the service, he has worked in manufacturing and industrial maintenance.

His current job doing electrical maintenance for a hazardous incineration plant comes with the unfortunate requirement of being on-call and within 1 hour of the facility every three weeks (a requirement that was put into place the week of the Crown Tournament). Consequently, he is unable to travel out of the area and to more distant events during those times. He is understandably dismayed and frustrated by this circumstance as much as any member of the populace who wishes for him to visit.

Katalena, on the other hand, has moved from place to place from the time she was small. She was born in Massachusetts where her father was stationed, moved to western PA where her father’s family was from, and then to northeast Ohio about 25 years ago. She started out in restaurant management and then moved to education as a sign language interpreter and then intervention specialist (teacher). Currently, she is the business manager for a liberal arts college library which means that she is lucky enough to have a flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely.

Ivan and Katalena have a small backyard farm with a variety of animals inside and out – dogs, cats, rabbits, sheep, horses, ducks, chickens, and geese. They are able to travel with the assistance of their children and other help.
It is important to remember that modern world responsibilities are what make it possible for us to play this game. We do what we can. We share the time that is possible and hope that it is enough.

Originally posted on Their Royal Highnesses of the MidRealm Facebook page on January 15, 2024.