Their Highnesses

About Their Highnesses

Princess NeassaPrince Wigthegn
TitlesHer Highness, PrincepissaHis Highness, Princeps
Name PronunciationNay-essaWig-thane
Food LikesMeat, Cheese, Olives, Fruits, and Most VegetablesMeat, Cheese, Olives, Fruits, and Most Vegetables
Food DislikesWatermelon, Apple PieSeafood and Fish
Food AllergiesNoneNone
Beverage LikesWater, Coffee, Teas, Sodas of the Zero Variety, Hard CidersWater, Diet Dr. Pepper, Zero Sugar Monster (white can), Beer (IPA)
Beverage DislikesBeerDark Beers

Princess Neassa and Prince Wigthegn’s children – Eli (13 yrs) and JJ (11 yrs) – will accompany them to events. Please note that one of the children has an allergy to poppy seeds.

Contact Info: [email protected]