Royal Progress

09 MarchGulf WarsGlean AbhannTheir Royal HighnessesRetain for Their Royal Highnesses
23 MarchCoronation of Elias and AdalydeCalontirTheir Royal Highnesses
06 AprilEast Kingdom CoronationEast KingdomTheir Royal Highnesses
13 AprilStandard BearersNorth OakenTheir Royal Highnesses
20 AprilCoronation of Hans and GenevieveNorthshieldHer Royal Highness
27 AprilBlackstone RaidsAethelmearcTheir Royal Highnesses
04 MayCoronationNorth OakenTheir Royal Majesties
17-19 MayAethelmearc War PracticeAethelmearcTheir Royal Majesties
25 - 26 MayKingdom A&S and Crown TournamentNorth OakenTheir Royal Majesties
01 JuneMay Day and Barony of Fenix InvestitureSouth OakenHer Royal Majesty
08 JuneNorth Oaken War ManeuversNorth OakenTheir Royal Majesties
14 - 16 JuneBaronial Border WarPentamereTheir Royal Majesties
19 - 23 JuneKing's RoadArtemisiaHer Royal Majesty
26 July - 11 AugustPennsic WarAethelmearcTheir Royal Majesties
31 AugustMounted War Games and Tournament of ChivalryConstellationTheir Royal Majesties
07 SeptemberHarvest Days and Tournament of DefenseSouth OakenTheir Royal Majesties
14 SeptemberBaroness Wars and Tournament of ArtsMidlandsTheir Royal Majesties
28 SeptemberCoronationCleftlandsTheir Royal Majesties