Sew One and Sew On Competition

Greetings to the populace of the mighty Middle Kingdom,

At Coronation on Saturday, May 4 after morning court, we will host a 5-hour competition called Sew One and Sew On to create tunics, with the proceeds going to people who need their first or second tunic or filling gaps in our Gold Key. We are flagrantly borrowing this idea from the folks in the Barony of Dun Carraig in Atlantia.

How you can help:

  • Attend the event and sew with your friends or make new ones. No skills are necessary, just a willingness to (or learn to) sew, cut, pin, iron, model, seam rip, etc. There are competition tracks for ALL LEVELS of sewists
  • Attend the event and bring your ironing boards, irons, dress forms, and sewing instruments to loan out
  • Attend the event and provide your expertise, whether as a mentor, a judge, or a competitor
  • Attend the event and perform some bardic goodness for the teams in the hall(s)
  • Donate materials (literally, material will be useful!)
  • Feed us, water us, cheer for us
  • Vote for your favorite results!

Additional details and sign-up sheets to come!

The Midrealm takes care of its own! Help us help our new folks have what they need to feel welcome.

In service to the Dream,

Their Highnesses Ivan and Katalena