In regards to Crown Tourney –

What a whirlwind summer we have had Midrealm! Fresh from celebrating our 50th birthday, We have had the good fortune to visit with you Our Populace at the following events: Ragnarok Rampage, Border Skirmish, Baron Wars, Performing Arts Symposium and now Pennsic. We thank our hosts, staff and, of course, our Gracious Parents, Edmund and Kateryn, for an excellent summer of acclimation and fun.

We will be attending the following events in the time we have between Pennsic and Coronation: Baroness Wars/ Duchess Wars, Known World Cooks and Bards (Her Highness), Mounted War Games (His Highness), Harvest Days, and the Pferdestadt Rapier Classic.

Though our Summer has been a delight, we have the intent to do the Work of ruling and not just enjoy its Pleasures. To that end, we must think of a future where We must show our judgment and lead as our Wise Parents have inspired Us to do. Our first order of Business then is to seek Our Heirs so that our Mighty Middle Kingdom may always be led by eager and willing Royalty.

To that end, We are accepting requests to fight in our Crown Tournament on October 19th in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon (Hamilton, OH). Letters should be submitted via email to and Documents to be attached will be the modern ID cards of both combatant and their consort and your proof of membership through the end of May 2021. Letters can be submitted until the day of our Coronation: September 28th, 2019 Baron of Illiton (Pekin, IL).

The tournament will be a standard double elimination with each round being a single bout. Double-kills will be re-fought. There will be a pool tournament to establish entry into the double-elimination tournament if there are more than 16 combatants entered.

  • Weapons of any length that meet the Middle Kingdom rules of Armored Combat are allowed.
  • No shield may be more than 36” in any direction.
  • No backup weapons allowed
  • We expect all combatants’ gear to be in good repair at the start of the tournament. Helmets are to be clean of inspection stickers and tape. Armor is not to be taped together (with the exception of necessary repairs during the tournament). No obvious mundane objects are to appear in the list.
  • The finals will be fought best of 5 bouts without the requirement of matched weapons.

We hope this Tournament inspires many to enter and to compete for the privilege to serve the Middle Kingdom!


Seto and Ynes