From His Highness

Good evening Midrealm,

    This year has been full of joy and celebration. There are only four weeks till Pennsic and there is still much to do. Stepping up as Midrealm Prince has bestowed upon me many responsibilities and duties. Therefore, I have decided to resign as the General of the Midrealm Armies. I will still serve the Army in the capacity that I can as Their Majesties wish. It has been an 8-year long journey in which I have been taught by many and met many people. It truly has been fun and I have enjoyed serving the Midrealm . This journey ends, but another one begins and I am happy to have had the opportunity to be General of the Midrealm Armies. Sir Thorin will be taking over as the new General of the Midrealm Armies. I am very confident in his ability to do well and continue where I left off. Thank you to all those who served under me. I do look forward to one day inheriting the great dragon Armies. 


Prince Seto Gesshuko