July 2019 Pale Letter

Greetings to the Midrealm from Seto and Ynes,

We are so grateful for all the outpourings of support that we have received in the weeks since Crown. We wish to thank not only the staff of the Midrealm 50 year event, but also all those gentles who reached out to assist us that day for ensuring that from the very first moments, being the Heirs to the Dragon throne has been the magnificent experience we envisioned. Our travels will take us from the Midlands to Northshield and then to North Oaken before returning to the Midlands this month. As we solidify our travel plans, we grow excited for the opportunities and memories that await us at some truly marvelous events yet to come. We are excited to learn from Their Majesties and from our populace as we embark on this exciting adventure.

Seto and Ynes,

Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom